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Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge?

Any roleplays that take place in The Wastes go in this subforum. Below, you'll find a directory full of locations to roleplay in. If, however, you can't find a location that suit your roleplay, you are welcome to create your own. All that we ask is that you keep it appropriate to the feel of the area specifically, and our setting as a whole.

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A small trail that branches off from the main path out of town leads to an ancient and crumbling bridge back to the mainland. Military patrols are infrequently spotted near the mainland side of the bridge, though they almost never bother crossing to the island. This is also the shortest route to what remains of Tacoma, but it seems to be only the Raiders and bravest of Scavengers who risk being spotted by the military to take it.

North of Bosler, a swathe of marshland about a mile deep cuts the community off from the rest of the island. For those who don't mind getting wet, the brackish waters and tussocks are a good place to forage for creeping dogweed fruit, cattails, wild rice, and elderberries. A myriad of ruined buildings make for good landmarks through the area, though most Scavengers and Hunters opt to simply skip the area altogether, and hike along the shoreline from Bosler to drier land further north.

The forest
Several square miles of forest stretch out to the west of Bosler, bordered by marshland to the north and Puget Sound to the south and further west. The domain of Hunters in search of game animals or foraging for plants, the forest is home to some smaller ruins and vast expanses of nothingness. Getting lost out here is all but guaranteed if you miss even one of the Hunter's markers and blazes, and then you're at the mercy of the Avarus who roam free at night.

Memorial Point
A short hike through the trees just north of Bosler will bring you to a hilly area mostly barren of trees, at the center of which sits Memorial Point. Nobody knows who put the poured concrete cross that marks the area there, but it seems fitting to use as a burial ground for Bosler's dead. Just watch your step, lest you trample the makeshift grave markers tucked into the underbrush.

Abandoned cafe
This long-abandoned cafe sits on the mainland side of the bridge between Bosler and Tacoma, and primarily serves as a meeting point for Raiders travelling to and from Bosler. Extended stays in the area are generally incredibly risky thanks to a large parking lot providing very few hiding places outside of the building itself, and military vehicles passing by on a relatively regular basis on their way from Portland to Seattle.