Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have the answer! To make everything easier to find, simply find the question you want, and click it to reveal the answer. If this page doesn't cover it, feel free to ask staff in either Member Services or our Discord server.

Can I advertise/post a link to my site?

In short, no. Ads can quickly overtake a site, so we ask that you don't post them anywhere on the site or in our Discord, including via PMs. We will, however, happily affiliate with any writing or roleplaying geared site, and you can find more on that here.

How do I change the site theme?

There's a button at the top right of the page for desktop users, and a link at the bottom for mobile to switch between our dark and light variants. You can switch at any time, and the change should take effect for you both on your phone and computer.

I'm trying to view a thread, but the site keeps sending me back to the home page. Why?

In most cases, this is simply because the Mature Content filter is on for that thread. You have to opt-in to seeing these threads by entering your birth date and turning on the option on the Manage Profile page. If this still doesn't work, you may be trying to view a staff-only thread.

Do I have to mark posts with trigger or content warnings?

We don't have any strict policies about marking trigger/content warnings on posts, but we do ask that you be considerate to other members. We do, however, require that any NSFW threads be marked as mature content.

What do you consider NSFW?

As a rule of thumb, anything you wouldn't openly tell your boss, grandmother, or priest about. Specifically, we deem anything above a 2-2-2 rating NSFW. Explicit sexual content, detailed descriptions of violence/gore, excessive profanities, and anything that would earn a movie more than a PG13 rating all need to be marked as mature content.

Why aren't my post templates working?

Simply put, HTML and BBcode are disabled for both accessibility and aesthetic reasons. While having pretty posts is nice, many post templates are not kind to those with vision problems, and it is easier on staff to simply disable HTML/BBcode than it is to create or moderate templates.

Why isn't there a graphics help/request thread?

Its mostly a matter of staff work load, tons of options for free online image editors, and our avatar size being quite common. We suggest using Pixlr to edit your image sizes, and keeping an eye on our Discord server as people may offer to make custom avatars from time to time.

How do I post as my character instead of my OOC account?

Simply select the appropriate character from the Use Character dropdown on the post screen. If you forget to do this, you can always edit your post via the Manage button on the post, and change it there.

Where are the claims and tracker threads?

Our system entirely automates claims and thread trackers. Claims are automagically generated, and pull information from approved character sheets. Thread trackers auto-add threads that you post in (unless you switch the option off in your settings). You can modify thread trackers from the Manage Characters and Manage Subscription pages.

How do I enable email alerts?

Our software simply doesn't collect emails, so there's technically no way to receive any sort of email from us. Instead, we use Discord for all forms of off-site notifications, and expect all members to check the site regularly for new personal alerts and messages.

What's the current in-game date?

We operate on fluid time, but you can always find what month and year Candide considers 'present day' on the right side of the breadcrumb, directly under the main site navigation before it sticks to the top of the screen. We use a small jQuery script to display the correct date based on your device's date, meaning changing the date on your device may cause the in-game date to display incorrectly, and disabling JavaScript in your browser will cause it to not display at all.