Quick Start Guide

Our software is pretty new so we've put together a quick guide to help you get going. If you need some help with our system, don't hesitate to head to Member Services or pop into our Discord server. Also keep an eye out for threads tagged with information, as these threads will contain extra information relevant to that particular subforum.

The first step is registering via the link at the top of the page. Your username is used to login, and your display name is what is shown to other members. Both can be whatever you like, but we ask that you keep your display name the same/similar to the name or nickname you use in our Discord server so we all know who each other are. Once you're registered and logged in, you can set up your profile in the Settings menu (the gear icon). We strongly suggest that you set up a recovery question, as this will be the only way to recover your account if you forget your password. If you want to participate in mature threads, you'll also need to input your birthday, and opt-in on the settings tab. After you've got everything set up, head on over to the Member Introductions subforum to say hi.

While we've set up the site so that Discord isn't strictly necessary, we do strongly suggest that you join our server as there is no way to receive email alerts from us. You can mute the chatting channels by selecting the 'Just the Alerts' role in the #rules channel to keep things quiet, and it can be turned on/off at any time. We also have a help ticket system set up for things that need more discretion than a post in Member Services or the #ask-staff channel. Simply type -ticket open (reason) into any channel to create a new ticket that can only be viewed by you and staff.

Creating a Character
Creating and editing characters is done via the Manage Characters link in the Settings menu. On the Create Character page, you'll see three sections that need to be filled out; Standard, Biography, and Images. For your character to be approved, we only require an avatar, first and last name, character type, gender, and Basic Information (under the Biography tab). Everything else can be worked on at any time, and is by no means mandatory. More information is available on the Character Creation page. Once you've completed your character, simply tick the Ready for Play box at the bottom and hit save. Once your character has been approved, you'll get an alert and see the character appear in the 'Use Character' dropdown on the new post/new thread screen. To use that character, simply select them from the list and post.

To add tags to your thread, simply type them into the tags box on the Create Topic page, followed immediately by a comma (even for threads that only have a single tag). The tags we currently use for our Discord integrations are:

  • staff for Member Services
  • intro for member introductions
  • open for open IC threads
  • plotting for plotting/request threads
  • wanted for wanted threads
  • away for inactivity alerts

While you can add tags after a thread has been created, doing this won't send it to Discord, so be sure to include the relevant tags when making your thread. If you forget the tag, staff can post it to the appropriate channel for you.