Our policy is that everyone is assumed intelligent and capable until proven otherwise. This means that, so long as you use common sense and ask if you're unsure, we'll get along just fine. Additionally, keep in mind the idea of "the right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins"; have your fun, but don't affect other people to have it. We also strongly suggest having a read through the Bad Roleplay page if you haven't already, as we base our roleplay standards off of this (i.e. no godmodding/meta gaming, proper spelling and grammar, and third person, past tense).
Staff reserve the right to handle issues on a case-by-case basis, and these decisions are final.

Registering Accounts
We only allows a single OOC account per person, as characters are handled differently. Usernames can be whatever you want, as only you and staff can see this, but we require that display names match up to or are similar to your name in our Discord server. Special characters in user or display names are not permitted. 

Original Characters Only
We're fine with taking inspiration, but we are not a fandom site.

Word Counts
We don't police word counts, and only ask that you be considerate of your partner(s). Establish post lengths that you're all comfortable with. Past that, the sky is the limit.

Liquid Time
Candide operates on liquid time, and its assumed that a character's threads are all taking place at different times that fit into a singular timeline.

The Storyteller
Staff have an NPC simply called The Storyteller, which will primarily be used for flash events, helping progress personal plots at member request, and enforcing in character consequences. You are expected to abide by The Storyteller in the same way you would any other staff member.

Regarding Image Use
NSFW images and flashing/obnoxious GIFs will be removed without warning. Avatars must be 150x150, cover images 250px tall and no more than 1660px wide, and gallery images no larger than 950x950, and animated GIFs are not allowed for any of them. Character avatars must also be images/art of your character's face claim. We recommend Pixlr for image resizing/editing, and NickPic for additional image hosting.
Note: For the graphically-inclined, cover images scale based on screen resolution and a .PSD can be provided via our Discord server to help you out.

18+ Only
We are a mature site, meaning all members must be 18+. If a thread takes a NSFW turn, we require that you hit the Mature Content button on the thread, and all characters under the age of 18 must vacate the thread immediately as we do not allow minor characters in scenarios that rate higher than PG13. We also ask that all the OOC areas on both the site and our Discord be kept SFW, with the exception of the #candide-after-dark channel.

Character Limits
When you first start out, you are given two free characters right away. Once you have 5 posts with each of these characters or 10 posts with one character, you are free to make a third character. For your fourth character and onward, you need to get 10 posts with your most recent character before making the next. Additionally, each member is only permitted one Raider and one Avarus character at a given time for lore reasons. For the purposes of character creation, only threads in the Bosler, Wastes, Housing, and Roleplay Roulette subforums count as roleplay posts.

Inactivity Policy
After 30 days, unused roleplay threads and characters will be deemed inactive. Threads will be locked and moved to Archives, but can be restored on request, and face claims will be put back up for grabs. After 90 days, characters and member accounts will be deemed abandoned, and will be permanently deleted. This can happen without warning, and posts in The Lounge and Administration categories do not count as activity. Staff can give extensions if you've posted an Inactivity Alert in Member Services, or open a help ticket on Discord if you're struggling to get a particular character active.

Inclusivity Policy
OOC prejudice, harassment, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. That said, we do allow prejudiced characters for the sake of IC conflict and character growth, unless that character is being used as a proxy to be hateful towards a specific member. If somebody has crossed a line, do not engage them. Simply open a help ticket in our Discord server and let staff handle it.