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Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge?

Any roleplays that take place in Bosler go in this subforum. Below, you'll find a directory full of locations to roleplay in. If, however, you can't find a location that suit your roleplay, you are welcome to create your own. All that we ask is that you keep it appropriate to the feel of the area specifically, and our setting as a whole.

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A holdover from Bosler's days as a children's summer camp, the old playground sits squarely between the stables and Barracks. These days, its little more than rusted-out junk that's set a little too far into the ground to make scavenging the metal worth it, though the small field and surrounding bleachers are still popular on the nicer days.

Dotted throughout Bosler are several makeshift firepits, which are tended to around the clock by the Hunters. These fires can be used for cooking, lighting oil lamps, and perhaps most importantly, keeping the Avarus at bay after dark. 

The Scrap Pile
Tucked into the trees on the edge of Bosler, the Scrap Pile seems to be perpetually in a state of chaos. Local scavengers consider it their home base, though some might argue that its nothing more than a dumping grounds for useless junk. Either way, after the Marketplace, this is the best place to come for things you can't make yourself. Just be careful if you go wandering through the piles of barely-organized junk, as not only are a lot of those piles dangerously unstable, but the place is teeming with Avarus day and night.

Lookout Towers
A quick glance up into the trees from nearly anywhere on the island, but especially in and around Bosler will reveal one of these crude towers. Raiders and Hunters alike can often be found camped out in the lookout towers thanks to their height providing a good vantage point for keeping an eye on things and tracking game animals, and most of them don't mind a little bit of company.

Spanning a good sized area with a straight shot to the waterfront, the maze-like network of greenhouses are the primary supply for produce in Bosler year-round. They sit on top of several Dakota firepits to keep them warm in the winter, and are tended to by the Hunters. While anyone is welcome to pop in, trading directly in the greenhouses instead of at the Marketplace is generally frowned upon due to cramped quarters both in and out of the buildings themselves.

A short footpath between the greenhouses and Raider Encampment leads down to the rocky shale beach of Bosler's waterfront. A relatively abundant supply of salmon and trout make the area popular among Hunters, and really anybody who enjoys fishing, or even swimming in the warmer months. All of Bosler's water is also hauled up from the shore here to be distilled at the Firepits to remove the salt, and most of the residents come down to the shore to bathe and wash their clothes directly in the water.

Car Pile
While not necessarily a functional or even significant part of Bosler, this mysterious pilesof rusted cars tucked into the forest mark the edge of safety. Raiders rarely patrol past the car pile at night, as the other side is nothing but a mess of trees and the Avarus Nest. While you may find the occasional fledgling Scavenger poking around, or people looking for a little bit of alone time, the area tends to be pretty empty and mostly just acts as the border between Bosler and the Wastes beyond.

Horse Stables
Conveniently located on the trail leading into the Wastes sits a small stable. Typically, the horses housed within are seen as communal animals for anyone in Bosler to use, but those who own their own horse are welcome to keep them here as well. This is a common place to find General Labourers as well, as they are typically tasked with taking care of the area.

The Marketplace
The Marketplace is very much Bosler's lifeblood. Located across from the Barracks in the summer camp's crumbling dining hall, tables and makeshift displays line a center walkway, and spill out into the surrounding grass and several other little ramshackle sheds. Throughout the Marketplace, you will find Citizens offering up everything from food and handmade clothing to oil lanterns, scavenged parts to who knows what, trinkets, art, and nearly anything else that may be valuable to somebody.

Any Citizen with wares to trade, or a show to perform for tips can find a space within the Marketplace, but Outsiders, Avarus, and Raiders are not welcome to set up shop. They can, however, enter during the day to trade with the vendors, find a bite to eat, or watch the performances.