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Started by ZeroCool at May 10, 2020 4:06 am
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Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge?

Wanted threads are a form of roleplay requests, used when there is a specific type of character that you want to roleplay with but can't seem to find one on our site. You can be as specific or vague as you'd like with your wanted thread, and post your wanted thread either with your member account or the relevant character. Just be sure to tag your post with wanted for our Discord integration.

Here's an example form you can use:
Preferred Face Claim:
Age Range:
Relation to My Character: (Family, friend, rival/enemy, romantic interest, etc)
Details: (Explain personality, history, or anything else specific about the character)

Don't forget to also look through our existing characters! You might find that we already have what you want.
Staff will also share your wanted threads to various listing/directory sites for you, so be sure to mention in the thread if you'd rather we didn't or if you've already done so yourself (and where). We currently post wanteds to RPG-I, RPG-D, ForumFilters, RPGAdverts, and RPClassifieds. Please be aware that staff will simply copy/paste your wanted to submit it (and possibly add a few images in the case of submitting to Tumblr), so be sure to either fill out the thread in detail or include a blurb at the bottom of the post if you wish for us to submit something slightly different.