Summon The Storyteller

Started by The Storyteller at May 11, 2020 9:12 pm
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Sometimes situations come up in RP that are difficult or even impossible to resolve or change as quickly or neatly as players would like. Whether you've accidentally written yourself into a hole, can't find a way to start or end something, or just generally need a small boost, we have a solution. The Storyteller is a staff-run NPC that can be summoned to your thread at any time to help move things along. Think of The Storyteller as an unknowable eldritch being, or perhaps a natural 20 on a saving roll. Either way, it appreciates offers of cookies.

If you require the services of The Storyteller, simply explain what you need below and provide a link to the appropriate thread. Be aware, however, that The Storyteller is acting under the assumption that all parties are okay with its presence, and it will revoke its post if your partner(s) protest to it showing up. Additionally, The Storyteller will not make a presence in situations that can easily be written through, and will notify you of this.